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2. The Manchester ring, from Hickes's Thesaurus. Again, however, it was the scholars of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries who put English runic studies on a sound basis. Hickes distinguished clearly between character and language, realising that Old English was occasionally recorded in runes though he thought the Anglo-Saxons learnt them from the Vikings. His Thesaurus contained a large amount of runic material, most of it published for the first time. For much of it Wanley was responsible, and it is to his skill as transcriber and care as proof-reader that the eighteenth century owed much of its runic knowledge.

Wanley's list of manuscripts shows he was on the look-out for runes in them, for he noted several cases, as the runic pater noster in the Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, MS 422 text of the First Poetical Dialogue of Solomon and Saturn, runic scribbles added to MSS 41 and 326 in the same collection, and the drawing of the Bewcastle head runes in British Library MS Cotton Domitian xviii. In the century or so that followed the publication of Hickes's Thesaurus the study of English runes proceeded slowly and desultorily.

It is unfortunate, though entertaining, that the nineteenth-century runologists who succeeded Kemble followed him rather in this credulity than in the rigorous scholarship that was more typical of him. By their nature runes attract the attention of two distinct groups of scholars. Historical linguists are interested in runes as records of language, and so tend, mistakenly, to forget about the object they are inscribed on and to think 7 'Om obelisken i Ruthwell og om de angelsaxiske runer', Annaler f.

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