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The call for which has sprung up for this paintings has triggered the writer to make it extra whole than it used to be initially. however it couldn't be made ideal with out being improved right into a quantity whose measurement will be incompatible with cheapness. while each determine would offer a textual content for an extended discourse, an in depth recognition is needed lest an outline will be built right into a dissertation. during this paintings, the writer is obliged to restrict himself to the reason of symbols, and can't release out into historic and glossy faiths, other than in as far as they're typified by way of sure traditional indicators.

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The pricipal god was Asher, the upright one, the equivalent of the Hindoo Mahadeva, the great holy one, and of the more modern Priapus. He was associated with Anu, lord of solids and the lower world, equivalent to the “testis,” or egg right side. ” The three formed the trinity or triad. The female was named Ishtar or Astarte, and was equivalent to the female organ, the yoni or vulva—the kte…j of the Greeks. e. by Inman] as being euphemistic, and preferable to the names which are in vulgar use to describe the male and female parts.

In Assyrian theology the central figure is Bel, Baal, or Asher; the one on the right Anu, that on the left Hea. See Ancient Faiths, second edition, Vol. , pp. * There are some authors who have treated of tree and serpent worship, and of its prevalence in ancient times, without having, so far as I can see, any idea of that which the two things typify. The tree of knowledge, the tree of life, the serpent that tempted Eve, and still tempts man by his subtlety, are so many figures of speech which the wise understand, but which to the vulgar are simply trees and snakes.

Is a copy of a mediæval Virgin and Child, as painted in Della Robbia ware in the South Kensington Museum, a copy of which was given to me by my friend, Mr. Newton, to whose kindness I am indehted for many illustrations of ancient Christian art. It represents the Virgin and Child precisely as she used to be represented in Egypt, in India, in Assyria, Babylonia, Phenicia, and Etruria; the accident of dress being of no mythological consequence. In the framework around the group, we recognise the triformed leaf, emblematic of Asher; the grapes, typical of Dionysus; the wheat ears, symbolic of Ceres, l’abricot fendu, the mark of womankind, and the pomegranate rimmon, which charac- 8 terises the teeming mother.

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