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The character of those will depend on conditions. A volume of electrical energy could be discharged via a compound liquid and the consequences produced will be chemical, heating, and magnetic. The liquid will be decomposed ;it will be heated via the passage of the electrical energy ;and approximately it there will be a magnetic box. but when the same volume be discharged via a cord there may basically be results produced, the heating and the magnetic. A achieve, if the same volume be at leisure on a physique there'll be no facts of any of those results ;but it may be shewn that the physique is able to attracting to itself any mild debris of subject, and of repelling different our bodies equally charged with electrical energy. This charged physique wouldn't be heated by means of the resident electrical energy; there will be no signal of any magnetic box in its neighbourhood ;and if the cost have been resident on a liquid there will be no chemical influence for that reason. those are straightforward proof and are summed up within the assertion that the phenomena of electrical energy in movement are diverse from these of electrical energy at leisure upon our bodies. whilst a physique is charged with electrical energy it's able to doing paintings it might allure mild debris of topic or repel equally charged our bodies and it for this reason possesses strength as well as its gravitational strength. this extra strength is electric power and depends on the volume of electrical energy and the opportunity of the physique. P. Y.
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The distance generally chosen for laboratory and test room work is 40 inches. To standardise a mirror galvanometer the current required to produce one division of the scale of 40 inches is determined distance deflexion at a scale by experiment and generally extremely small and could not be measured directly by means of a voltameter. The maker of a good instrument generally supplies a certificate of constant, calculation. This is of which the following is a copy. MEASUREMENT OF CURRENT STRENGTH 21 Figure of Merit of Galvanometer No.

5. The resistance is used to adjust the current at the outset in In making this the resistance should be a preliminary trial. adjusted so that the deflexion produced of the galvanometer needle does not exceed 60. If the deflexion be greater there Secondary CeJLs Variable Switch Resistance Voltounueter Fig. 5. a greater liability of error in the final result as the tangents of angles over 60 increase out of all proportion to the increase in the angle. glance at a table of tangents will shew this, that a small error in reading at the higher it will be seen and is A part of the scale will produce a relatively large error in the result.

This belongs to the electro- magnetic group of instruments, and it resembles the dynamometer in that there is no iron in its composition and that there are fixed and movable coils. The movable coils are arranged with their planes horizontal, at the ends of a "balance beam" construction. Parallel to each movable coil a fixed coil is placed above and below, after F the manner suggested by the sketch in Fig. 15. to l the and coils. fixed and the movable MI 2 represent M A F 4 is Fig. 15. the axis about which the " beam connected that when a current combined magnetic downwards, say, and pulled along the current strength effects M z beam is tilt " upwards.

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