By Jon Erickson

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Essentially written and good illustrated with black-and-white photos, illustrations, and important tables, Asteroids, Comets, and Meteorites presents scholars, researchers, and common readers with the main up to date details in this attention-grabbing box. From the times of the dinosaurs to our glossy surroundings, this publication explores all features of those cosmic invaders.

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Interplanetary space was littered with meteoroids that pounded the newborn planets. Some of this space junk might have provided organic compounds from which life could evolve. In this light, the planet might not have been the 45 Asteroids, Comets, and Meteorites only body in the solar system to receive the seeds of life. It continues to be pelted by meteorites that contain amino acids, the precursors of proteins. Earth contains a substantial amount of carbon, much of which originated from the interior as carbon dioxide and other carbon compounds erupting from volcanoes.

Some comets break loose, possibly by the gravitational attraction of a passing star, and enter the inner solar system, sometimes passing very close to Earth. After discussing the origin of the universe, the galaxies, and the solar system, the next chapter examines the creation of Earth, the Moon, and the initiation of life. 24 2 The Formation of Earth Planetary Origins T his chapter examines the origin of this planet, the Moon, and life. Of all the planets and the 60 some satellites in the solar system, Earth is unique with its roving continents and evolving life-forms.

The region is still not sufficiently hot to support nuclear reactions, which occur only in the core. 5 billion years, the Sun’s luminosity, or brightness, will increase about 15 percent. On Earth, the ice caps will melt. This will cause massive flooding as the northern regions become hot deserts. Life-forms will have to evolve mechanisms to compensate for the higher temperatures to survive. If humans are still around, they will have to modify their environment to deal with the heat. Perhaps cities would be covered with air-conditioned domes, similar to modern football stadiums.

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