By Neil Roughley

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Kant claimed that the imperative themes of philosophy all converge on one query: was once ist der Mensch? beginning with the most declare that conceptions of the human play an important structuring position in thought building, the members during this volume(renowned students from a variety of disciplines - philosophy, anthropology, psychology, literary reports) examine the jobs that conceptions of the human play either in philosophy and in different human and social sciences.

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The cultural universals are, so to say, "index fossils" of this transformation. (3) Particular traditions within humanity. As far as we know, mankind has always lived divided into distinct communities. These communities have developed special traditions adapted to their environment and to their historical fates. These local-historical traditions can be seen as modifications of man's cultural heritage. They have the above-mentioned tendency to exclusiveness, which, however, could not prevent interaction across their boundaries.

Secondly, it might be shown that there are cultures in which no phenomena corresponding to the postulated universals actually crop up. It should be noted that Stagi appears to allow that there may be putative counter-examples to any feature that seems universal. I wonder whether this is plausible. At any rate, where we have such counter-examples, it would seem that we have straightforward cases offalsification of empirical claims. Now, as is well-known, even within the natural sciences, individual counter-examples are often insufficient to lead to the abandonment of a theory.

This can be the case for two reasons. e. the past and even the future, then anyone after something called universal verification is going to be in big trouble. However, if this is supposed to be an objection, it is clearly a silly one. It is of course the old problem of induction. Without wanting to claim that either the problem of induction or the more general problem of scepticism have been solved, we should first of all hold onto the fact that these problems are there in the hard sciences, so that anyone who brings them up in the context of anthropology isn't saying anything specific about the field in question.

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